We are one of the largest manufacturers of decorative paper in Europe!


Malta-Decor Sp. z o.o. in Poznan is one of the largest manufacturers of decorative paper in Europe and the only one of its kind in this part of our continent. It is a modern and innovative production facility guided by the principle of sustainable development.

Based on years of experience – Malta-Decor Sp. o.o., although under a slightly different name, has been operating in this location since 1925, when the production of newsprint paper and cardboard instead of former brickyard had begun – we are proud to continue paper tradition of our predecessors, achieving much success in this industry. Over the years, the contemporary production profile has formed and established. The new image of the factory found its expression not only in the change of the company name, but primarily in the modernization of production and in new investments, which significantly increased the production capacity of the plant, at the same time placing us among the largest manufacturers of decorative papers in the world.

Malta-Decor Sp. z o.o. taking full advantage of the technical and technological background of KRONOSPAN group, implements the program of decorative papers development producing a product at the highest level. Our paper production is based on the latest technologies that are constantly being improved. Global quality of our paper provides a modern machinery park equipped with high quality measurement and control gear, allowing automation of the production process and full quality control of finished products.

Company philosophy reflects:

The contemporaneity of Malta-Decor Sp. z o.o. is mainly the focus on modernity, customer satisfaction and production in total harmony with the environment. Striving for perfection in these three elements enabled us to gain a strong market position and allows us to continue the expansion on the global market.

The latest technologies, attention to product quality and excellent team allows Malta-Decor Sp. z o.o. to meet even the most sophisticated expectations of the clients. All these factors put Malta-Decor Sp. z o.o. among the leading manufacturers of decorative papers in the world and wide range of our papers find buyers in Europe, Asia and in both Americas.

Malta-Decor Sp. z o.o. today:

  • 5 modern paper machines in two locations equipped with high-quality measuring and control equipment,
  • more than 100,000 tons of high-quality decorative paper per year,
  • a leading and recognized manufacturer of decorative paper in Europe and the world,
  • market leader in the low weight papers,
  • modern and innovative production facility guided by the principle of sustainable development,
  • over 300 employees of highly qualified team, using in their work the latest technological solutions,
  • production with care for the natural environment.

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Malta-Decor Sp. z o.o.

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